Title : Interlude
Release Date : February 6, 2015
Catalog ref. : MRBCD-004
Format : CD

Mimi Blais, piano


« Entre naître et mourir, il y a Vivre. La vie est un Interlude …un divertissement dramatique. »  

“Between birth and death, there is LIFE. Life is an INTERLUDE … a dramatic entertainment.” (Mimi Blais)


Le Blues à Rémi (Mimi Blais, 2012)
C’était Olivier (François Dompierre, 2007) arr. Mimi Blais
Interlude 1 (Mimi Blais, 2015)
Soliloque – Improvisation, one take (Mimi Blais, 2015)
Bucksnort Stomp (Trebor Tichenor, 2002)
Chicken Fried Steak (Larisa Migachyov, 2007) arr. Mimi Blais
Interlude 2 (Mimi Blais, 2015)
Un Conte de Fées (François Dompierre, 2007)
Interlude 3 (Mimi Blais, 2015)
Pastime nu 3 (Artie Matthews, 1916)
Interlude 4 (Mimi Blais, 2015)
Planxty (Glenn Jenks, 1980)
Country Rag (Jack Bradshaw, 2006)

(Thanks to my son, Louis Philippe Simard for his clever ideas.)



“Life is full of sounds, images, movement, colors, stories…

Life is full of Beings we love … Beings we have loved …

I dedicate this album to the memory of Rémi Arsenault and Marcel Gauthier.

Two men who loved music and photography.

Two men who loved women… Nature … Life …

Two men who have loved me and whom I have loved.

Two men who left this life with serenity and who inspired the creation of this album.”



To say THANK YOU is to say I LOVE YOU.
THANK YOU Rémi.  Your love restored my pleasure in life and encouraged me to return to my piano : si-mi-mi-fa-do-do-ré-mi-là!  (if Mimi is sleeping, Rémi is there).
THANK YOU Marcel, for introducing me to the music of the great Scott Joplin and for being there for me at the start of my ragtime life.  Thank you for your talent, your professionalism, your knowledge, your humor, and your love.  Thank you for being a faithful friend.
THANK YOU Louis-Philippe, for your presence, your efficiency, your patience, your generosity, your creativity, your sensitivity, your encouragement, your humor, our crazy laughs, your great musical talent, your soul.  You knew how to help me release a part of me into the world that so wanted to live.  A birth is an amazing human experience, and when it’s your own son who guides you, it is a moment filled with great, beautiful emotions!  Thank you, my son.
THANK YOU Gaétan Pilon, for this magic birthplace : Le Studio Victor (and its “ghosts”), a cocoon where the caterpillar turned into a butterfly.
THANK YOU Larisafor your trust, your love, your wonderful friendship, your music, your generosity… Because of you, Rémi was able to fulfill his “beautiful dream” … California!
THANK YOU to my daughter Roxane Blais Decamps, for her artistic talent, her presence, and her love.
THANK YOU to Pascale Brunet and to Robin Grenon for the use of Marcel’s magnificent Snowy Owl photo.