Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Title : Sunday Morning
Release Date : February 14, 2004
Catalog ref. : OMCD-5533
Format : CD

Mimi Blais, Piano

On My Way Back to Montreal, I Got the Blues for Memphis Blues (Mimi Blais, 1998)
The Creeks of Missouri (Galen Wilkes, 1983)
A Totally Different Rag (May Aufderheide, 1910)
Gymnoraggy (Glenn Jenks, 1993)
Opalescence (Hal Isbitz, 1990)
Sunday Morning Blues (Mimi Blais, 2003)
Piaf (Hal Isbitz, 1996)
That Missing You Rag (Nan Bostick, 2003)
Ricardo (Mimi Blais, 1998)
Mimi ma Biche (Mimi Blais, 1995)
Bowery Buck (Tom Turpin, 1899)
The Cutter (A Classy Rag) (Elma Ney McClure, 1909)
Floyd (A Western Rag) (Richard Gresko, 1993)
Memories of You (Eubie Blake, 1930)

Sunday Morning…

a special time to share with a “special” friend,

with you.

Thanks to all my ragtime fans and my dear friends for your love and support over the past 14 years.

I love you all.

My music will always be with you.

Happy Valentine’s day!


La musique berce, calme, rassure, inspire. Une fenetre ouverte… L’air doux qui caresse. Volupte, dimanche matin. Je vous dedie cet album, vous les gens que j’aime.

Mimi, Montreal le 14 fevrier 2004.